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CINPAL is able to produce casting parts up to 60 kg, in grey or nodular cast iron, with capacity of 3,000 ton/month.

Fully automatized moulding and sand systems assure the product quality and uniformity. Modern induction furnaces guarantee the desired metallurgical, mechanical and physical properties.




Double effect hammers of up to 17,600 Kg, upsetters up to 9 inches and forging presses up to 6,300 tons are able to produce parts up to 60 kg. A new heavy forging line with robots to suport a 12,500 ton press capable to produce parts up to 150 kg. CINPAL´s total capacity in forgings is now about 6,000 ton/month.



Machining / Heat treatment

CINPAL has 5 production units with modern CNC machines for complete operations, such as turning, hobbing, shaving, milling, drilling, broaching and grinding machines, besides a modern heat treatment area that includes annealing, carburizing, quenching, tempering, normalizing, press quenching and induction quenching.